From motivational speaking to customized workshops, these dynamic and interactive sessions are designed to engage and empower both young professionals and seasoned leaders. Below are some of my most popular topics…

Throughout the ages, leaders have been charged with the responsibility to motivate, influence, and enable others to attain results that defy their own perceptions of what is possible. How do leaders of social change ignite passion for a vision greater than themselves, challenge the status quo, engage the heart, and encourage the follower? It all starts with the Power of One or what Dr.Troy” calls “The Nehemiah Principle.”

There are powerful similarities between leading a multi-generational family and a multi-billion dollar company. Find out what it takes to lead from a point of transition and not just from a seat in a boardroom or an executive office. As featured on NBC’s Today Show, “Dr. Troy” conveys lessons learned about life, as well as anecdotal stories of when his family of four generations all lived under one roof (and survived.)

What’s the # 1 reason why people don’t like change? Fear. Fear of the unknown… fear of trust… fear of feeling irrelevant. “Dr. Troy” begins this talk with one of his biggest beliefs: “You cannot be a victor of your future, if you are held captive by your past.” He then takes participants through understanding the successful characteristics of an agile and change-driven organization. Inspired by John Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, this is an eye-opening presentation when it comes to practical leadership.

How do you grow your next generation of leaders? It starts with setting expectations for their individual performance, then igniting their passion within the culture of the organization, all while engaging these young professionals to embrace their work without sacrificing the harmony of their home life. “Dr. Troy” teaches how to create an employment model where team members thrive and can find meaning in their work.

Did you know it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert? Discover the model of how a seasoned leader can work with a younger professional on the transfer and acquisition of knowledge in a mentoring environment to influence their positive growth; a path that moves the individual from apprentice to expert. In this series, “Dr. Troy” exposes a winning formula that begins with the message: “Dreams become visions when one is awakened into action.”