You cannot be a victor of your future, if you are held captive by your past.

- Dr. Troy

Dreams become visions when one is awakened into action.

- Dr. Troy

The truth is in the “I am”, not in the “someday I will be”.

- Dr. Troy

At heart, I am a teacher. What I hope to impart to others is wisdom about Practical Leadership. With that in mind, my team and I have created what we call “Teachable Moments.”

These are videos taken from my Real Talk with Dr. Troy presentations that hopefully will educate, empower, and enlighten you on how to be a more effective leader.

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“Here is what’s important about being diverse in thinking; it means that you include somebody else’s thoughts into your decision making. It allows you, as a leader, to be truly collaborative in the leadership process, because what it means is, is that you are going to take somebody else’s information and include it with yours before you render the final decision.”

“Leadership is about transition. Leadership is about you being able to do something in movement. Anyone can lead from a boardroom. But can you lead from a perspective of transition? Can you lead from a perspective of transformation that actually requires you to think more about where you’re going and who you’re impacting, than who you are?”